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boccetta topicaβ0ToxinA® TOPICAL USE VIAL, and some information regarding C. botulinum toxin for thin and moderate wrinkles:
In β0ToxinA® TOPICAL USE VIAL the wrinkleproofing action is potentiated and accelerated thanks to a special combination of active ingredients that stimulate cellular energy generation together with a Cutaneous Decongestion Factor. In this formulation the presence of this Cutaneous Decongestion Factor is a truly ideal treatment and is indicated for skin that has been subjected to periods of heavy stress. Full strength treatment is indicated in cases where microwrinkles run deep and where it is evident that the skin is in particular need due to photonic aging.
doc1Use: With β0ToxinA® Special Device , the miniscule suction device, one is able to draw the product from the vial and apply it directly onto the skin in the appropriately prescribed quantities, as appear on the markings of the device itself. The known causes of Photonic aging are various kinds of stress which damage the skin's fibroelastic reticle as well as its prolonged exposure to ultraviolet and sunlight as well as to a lack of balanced oxygen supply to the skin. Recent investigations have confirmed that the current concentrations in many urban environments of PM10, tabacco smoke, and NOx from internal combustion motor exhausts produces 35% to 40% faster aging in subjects obliged to live in metropolitan rather than ecopolitan areas. β0ToxinA® TOPICAL USE VIAL is therefore indicated as periodical therapy especially around the summer time or at times that the skin is under particular stress, to be followed by β0ToxinA® treatments.
Packages are of 15 vials (one month treatment) and 30 vials (complete two month treatment).
β0ToxinA® TOPICAL USE VIAL is perfectly compatible with all injectable C. botulinum toxins currently available. This allows one to use β0ToxinA® TOPICAL USE VIAL together with such, in slow and low responding subjects. The use of β0ToxinA®
The product is currently available only for distribution by Ermex authorized representatives, together with β0ToxinA® Ascorbic - C Vitamin, oral use.



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