Oftalmica 2009 - Un interessante test

VERSIONE ITALIANA Journal of Ophthalmology
Versione stampa ISSN 0034-7280
Rev. bras.oftalmol. vol.68 n.5 Rio de Janeiro, settembre / ottobre 2009
DOI: 10.1590/S0034-72802009000500008

Articolo originale

Studio comparativo di azione della tossina botulinica di tipo A e crotoxin sulle cellule satellite muscoli estrinseci in un modello animale

Uno studio comparativo degli effetti della tossina botulinica di tipo A e crotoxin sulle cellule satellite dei muscoli extraoculari nei conigli


Newsletter - April 2009

This section will tell you all you need to know to safely and effectively use our product, so that both you and your patients may derive the most from it.


Il nuovo antirughe topico β0ToxinA®

Newsletter - Marzo 2009

Novità mondiale.

Per la prima volta nel mondo la tossina botulinica, associata a componenti di ultima generazione, ed alla sensazionale scoperta di un'alga tropicale dalle proprietà uniche, viene applicata in campo cosmetico.


La vitamina C responsabile della scarsa efficacia della tossina botulinica iniettabile

Newsletter - Febbraio 2009

Reviser and Searcher: Fred Johnson


Botulinum toxin in the intradermal treatment of Acne. Justifying protocol currently available in Spanish, translation available in the next edition.

Newsletter - May 2008

Las glàndulas sebàceas son acinosas ramificadas a secreciòn olocrina (transformaciòn del citoplasma de las células glandulares en sebo) y son constituidas por una porciòn acinosa secernente situada en la dermis, de un canal excretor revestido por un epitelio estratificado que desemboca en el infundibolo del folìculo pilìfero.


β0ToxinA® - The truth about news on allergy reactions.

Newsletter - April 2008

Following the recent media news on deaths allegedly caused by botulinum injections, a widespread alarm has raised among the general public.


β0ToxinA®- New hope to patients with post-stroke spasticity

Newsletter - November 2007

Stroke is the most important cause of neurological disabilities in adults. According to the American Heart Association and the Clinical Rehabilitation journal, between 19 and 38 % of stroke survivors are affected by disabling spasticity.


Specifications of Commercially Available Botulinum Toxin Products*

Newsletter - January 2007
Data for β0ToxinA®, Neoβ0ToxinA®, and β0ToxinA® Instant derived from research and trials conducted by International Cosmetic Research on behalf of Pharmastock LTD (


Several Common Complications from Diabetes May be Eased with β0ToxinA®

Newsletter - November 2006

Diabetes mellitus, a chronic condition affecting the body's ability to properly produce or use glucose, is classified into two classes. In type 1 diabetes (usually diagnosed in children and young adults), the body destroys the insulin-producing islet cells in the pancreas.


A new frontier in β0ToxinA® application: vulvodynia, vaginismus, and other female genital conditions

Newsletter - October 2006

In the last few years, the scientific community has devoted more attention to the until then little known genital pain syndromes affecting women. Vulvodynia – painful conditions of the vulvar and vaginal area – is part of this wide category, with vulvar vestibulitis syndrome (VVS) being a subset of it that is characterized by severe pain during attempted vaginal penetration (dyspareunia), tenderness to pressure localized to the vulvar vestibule, and erythema of the area. A subset of vulvar vestibulitis is called vestibulodynia, which combines the three symptoms with constant pain at the vestibule. Estimates vary, with figures from 7 to 15% of women suffering from these problems.



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